Everything you need to know about Flat Roof Windows

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What is a Flat Roof Window?

A flat roof window is a piece of glass that has been designed and built to sit in a flat roof. This enables you to add extra light into your room. The glass is specially designed and fitted to ensure water does not sit on the glass. They are also coated with a self clean coating so you never need to worry about cleaning them! 

two hitech rooflights in modern living room Pitched and Flat Rooflights extension flat roof skylight

Do Flat Roof Windows go by any other name?

Yes, flat roof windows is a relatively new term and concept. You may have also heard them be called:

These are all very similar terms and are used interchangeably. You may also hear of curved, or dome rooflights, these differ as they normally refer to curved glass. Flat roof windows use flat pieces of glass.  

Rooflight / roof window with blind half closed

Who can help me decide if I need a roof window?

The two main occasions that people normally install a flat roof window is when they are renovating their house, building an extension or building a new house. Your builder or interior designer can help you decide if a roof window or roof light would be right for you. Here are some of the main reasons why you may want to purchase and install a rooflight:

  • You want to add more light into your room 
  • You want to make your room look bigger 
  • You want to make your room feel taller
  • You want to increase the value of your home


I think I need a roof window, what are my next steps?

This really depends on what stage you are in your project. The first thing to do would be to mention this to your project manager / builder. Because adding a roof window will require structural work you will need to ensure you have the right permission. You may also need to check your roof is in a good condition.

Another thing you can do to help you decide is to start your own research. Have a look on finished project on our gallery page. You may also want to search Pinterest for inspiration. Take your time to think about the best size for your roof window. This will require a lot of thought. 

Another key point is to make sure you know your options and prices. Have a browse in our shop here you can choose from stepped glass roof light and luxury rooflights. You also have the option to add in an electric integrated blind


Remember you can always call us for advice. Here at HITECH ROOFLIGHTS we are here to help! Visit our contact us page, call or email us! 

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