Rooflights for your home

modern room with rooflight showing blue sky

Do you need a Rooflight for your home?

Have you ever asked yourself this question. It is one we get asked a lot. Rooflights for your home can make a big change to your house.

Do you often think your room is a little dark? Are you always opening the curtins and also turing on the lights? If the answer is YES then a rooflight could be the answer. Let us help you decide. This article will help you understand the common questions and hesitations people have when thinking about installing a rooflight. 

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How do I know if I can add a Flat Glass Rooflight to my existing roof?

This is normally the first question people ask. Can I add a flat glass rooflight to a roof I already have. If your roof is in good condition and is structurally sound there is no reason why you cant add a flat glass rooflight. A recommended builder or rooflight installer will be able to confirm the modifications you may need to make. However it is a simple process to install a roolight and uncommon that you wouldnt be able to add one to your existing roof. 


Will a Skylight for Flat Roofs change the temperature in my room?

Adding any glass into a room can increase or decrease the temperature. To break it down simply. When the sun is shining your room will be hotter the more glass you have in the room. You can counter act this by adding the integrated blinds option when purchasing your rooflight. If you are going to have a number of rooflights or a very large rooflight then we would always recommend adding the option of a blind. 

On the flip side adding glass into a room can also make the room cooler in winter months. We recommend you install a triple glazed rooflight which will ensure that you retain as much heat as possible in your room. 

modern room with rooflight showing blue sky


Can I create a Custom Roof Light?

Yes! We manufacture all our rooflights in the UK and always like a challenge. Work with your builder or architect to come up with a plan. This will need to include the size and shape you want your custom roof light to be. The next step is to call or email the office. We will then quote you for the project and also provide accurate time lines. Depending on the materials needed this can be anywhere between 2 weeks to 12 weeks. 


How can I choose a Roof Light for my Home?

We have two different types of rooflights, luxury aluminium rooflights and stepped flat glass rooflights. Start by having a look at our shop. If you still need inspiration visit our Instagram. We ask all of our customers to send us in pictures of their installations and finished product. 

Do you have any other questions you would like us to answer? Would you like to suggest a topic? Please do get in contact and let us know what you would like to read about! 




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