What is EnduroShield Easy Clean?

EnduroShield Easy Clean

EnduroShield is a technology that provides easy-clean surface coating for various materials, making them more resistant to stains and dirt. It is a specially formulated coating that is designed to create a non-stick surface on glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and other materials. In this article, we’ll discuss how EnduroShield works and why it might be a good option for someone considering buying a rooflight.

What is EnduroShield?

EnduroShield is a liquid-applied, nanotechnology-based surface coating technology that can be applied to a variety of materials. The technology works by creating a hydrophobic, or water-repellent, surface that prevents dirt, grime, and other stains from adhering to the coated surface. The technology creates a barrier that is only a few nanometers thick, which is not visible to the naked eye.

How does EnduroShield work?

EnduroShield works by forming a bond with the surface of the material it is applied to. This bond creates a non-stick barrier that repels water, oils, and other substances, which helps to prevent these substances from sticking to the surface. This non-stick barrier also prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause stains and odor.

Advantages of EnduroShield

One of the primary advantages of EnduroShield is that it makes surfaces easier to clean. Because it reduces the adhesion of dirt and other contaminants to the surface, it can significantly reduce the frequency and effort required for cleaning. This is particularly useful for rooflights that are often vulnerable to dust and debris that can collect on them.

Another advantage is that EnduroShield is relatively easy to apply, making it an attractive option for homeowners and builders. It is available as a DIY kit, whereby homeowners or installers can apply the coating themselves to achieve a professional finish.

In addition, EnduroShield is environmentally friendly, containing no harmful chemicals or solvents. It is also non-toxic, making it safe for use in homes and other buildings.

EnduroShield is an innovative technology that can be used to enhance the durability and cleanliness of materials like glass and ceramic. For those interested in installing a rooflight, its easy-clean surface coating provides an additional level of protection against dirt and stains. The technology is relatively easy to apply and environmentally friendly, making it a practical and safe solution for homeowners and builders alike.

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