Customer Case Study: Enhancing Kitchen Spaces with HITECH Rooflights

1000x1500mm Rooflight with Integral Blinds kitchen refurbishment

Customer Case Study: Enhancing Kitchen Spaces with HITECH Rooflights– 1000x1500mm Rooflight with Integral Blinds

Wyatt Renovations recently completed a stunning kitchen refurbishment that showcased the transformative power of HITECH Rooflights. This project was no ordinary makeover – it involved a complete overhaul of the house, including knocking down eight walls, installing new steels, adding a back extension, and of course, upgrading the kitchen to perfection.

Facing north, the challenge was to bring ample light into the spacious kitchen without sacrificing comfort, especially during the warmer months. That’s where HITECH Rooflights with integrated electric blinds stepped in to save the day. By opting for these innovative rooflights, Wyatt Renovations ensured they had full control over both light and heat levels throughout the year.

The decision to choose integrated electric blinds wasn’t just about functionality – it was also a smart financial move. Retrofitting blinds later on could have been costly and cumbersome, but by integrating them from the get-go, Wyatt Renovations saved time and money. Plus, with the added convenience of remote control, adjusting the blinds became as simple as pressing a button.

In the end, the result was nothing short of spectacular. The kitchen space was bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complemented the modern design. Thanks to HITECH Rooflights, this kitchen refurbishment wasn’t just a makeover – it was a transformation.

This project used 1000x1500mm Rooflight with Integral Blinds

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