800x1500mm Rooflight

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Kalana Jayasekara
Kalana Jayasekara
I buy these roof light regularly as I am a builder. HITECH ROOFLIGHTS offer a great trade discount account. Make sure you register or call if you are a trade customer! 5* product and quick delivery.
Ben Stone
Ben Stone
Bought a roof light and was able to collect from the factory on the same day! Fantastic service and great product!
mike wyatt
mike wyatt
Installed a 1000x1500 roof light with electric blind in my hot tub room. WOW great product and great service, would definitely recommend
Ben Hunting
Ben Hunting
Great service, ordered 2 roof lights and they were delivered within 24hrs. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks
Can't rate this company highly enough. Arranged delivery for early hours to work around me and really friendly when we spoke. Quick turnaround time from we placed the order to delivery date and very competitive prices. Would highly recommend and would definitely use again!
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How we deliver

Our deliveries are made using our own vehicles. Our driver is on his own, so sometimes he might need additional help to deliver the goods. For oversized products, 2 – 6 people might be required. We will not accept liability for broken skylights during the unloading process, as it is up to the customer to organise this process. If the customer does not attend the delivery appointment or no one is there to accept your product, we will try and contact you via phone and text, and voicemail before our driver leaves your delivery address. If no contact is made, we will have no option but to return your product to our warehouse.

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Inner pane of glass is 20mm smaller than the stated opening size to allow for fitting tolerance.

Returns & Exchanges: To initiate a return or exchange, please contact us directly.

Warranty: HITECH Rooflights have a 20-year warranty on sealed units and a 5-year warranty on blind components.

This product requires a kerb. Do you need to purchase one today? You can purchase a HITECH Keb here (Click Here) or you can make your own kerb.

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